Hull Kingswood (Parks) Window Cleaner

Taylor Cleaning Service has been providing window cleaning on Kingswood since 2005. We have built a large and concentrated window cleaning round meaning enabling us to provide competitive prices.

Call today for a free no obligation quote or send us an email with your address details to receive a quote.

Our window cleaning service also includes your window frames as standard in the price.

To keep your house safe, (for customers who are out at work during the day and have their back doors locked) we offer a texting service to let our customers know the exact day we plan on cleaning. This prevents the need for leaving your back gate open for days on the chance that the window cleaner is coming. After cleaning we place a ticket through the door so you know we have been and then you can lock your gate.

Payment is easy and varied. We accept most forms from cash, cheques to online bank transfers (easy payment for those who dont want their bills building up from one month to the next).

As Kingswood continues to grow so does our service area.

Here are some of our Hull Kingswood service areas (but not restricted);

  • Abbey Lane
  • Attringham Park
  • Barnes Way
  • Bowland Way
  • Brompton Park
  • Chartwell Gardens
  • Elthorne Park
  • Farrier Close
  • Gilderidge Park
  • Greenwich Park
  • Haigh Park
  • Halecroft Park
  • Hampstead Gd
  • Holland Park
  • Hornscroft
  • Hyde Park Road
  • Kensington Avenue
  • Linn Park
  • Meadow Rise
  • New Forest Way
  • Parish Mews
  • Pasture View
  • Pools Brook Park
  • Primrose Way
  • Ravensbury Park
  • Richmond Lane
  • Richmond Way
  • Runnymede Avenue
  • Runnymede Lane
  • Sandwell Park
  • Shinewater Park
  • Shorne Wood Park
  • Stable Way
  • Staunton Park
  • The Causeway
  • The Pines
  • Windsor Park
  • Woodheys Park